Strategic Planning

Growth and prosperity in today's competitive business environment requires that a company's leaders have the ability to create a clear vision of the organization's future direction, as well as the course of action required to get there.

Roberta Lewis & Associates will provide a fundamental assessment of your organization - where we've been, where we are now, and most importantly, where do we want to be and how will we get there. An analysis and modification proposal of the organization's resources, capabilities, systems and practices is necessary to support the growth plan. Concurrently, encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit throughout the leadership, internal sales staff and outsourced staff is key to strategic plan implementation.

Businesses make the common mistake of attempting to build their infrastructures as they grow. The problem with this improve-as-needed approach is that inadequate systems in place slow the growth pace, frustrate and demoralize management and staff, and diminish customer satisfaction. Strategic planning is essential for success.

Our strategic planning tactics include:

  • Discussing and defining the results desired with management;
  • Reviewing prior growth trends, successes, management and industry changes;
  • Interviewing principals, key managers and departmental staff to assess the organization's resources and capabilities;
  • Outlining the proposed plan;
  • Defining the organizational modifications necessary with timelines;
  • Preparing a launch strategy for management and staff to implement with their contributions and participation;
  • Creating a solid results schedule for tracking and measuring success;
  • Ongoing review and assessment of the plans effectiveness with interim modification as needed based on market changes or internal conditions;
  • Measuring growth and success upon complete execution.