Manufacturers & Representatives

Roberta Lewis & Associates is a full-service resource for your business' marketing, public relations and advertising needs. With staff and overheads lower than ever, companies are stretching sales and brand managers thin, as they multi-task from product development and public relations, to sales and advertising. Things simply slip through the cracks.

By outsourcing key projects and streamlining responsibilities, your business can plan effectively, garner huge results, and achieve success – without adding staff and permanent overhead. Let Roberta Lewis & Associates help you grow your business from the outside in!

Media and Public Relations – Let us package, deliver and track your information to national, regional and trade publications ensuring that your message is delivered in a timely manner to your targeted audience.

Our media relation tactics include:

  • Building and maintaining a specific target media list;
  • Building and maintaining your personal dealer, industry trade association and supplier list for communications purposes;
  • Pitching writers, editors and media personalities on press releases, articles, customer success stories, interviews, awards, recognition, and event calendar schedules;
  • Press release distribution, follow-up and results monitoring;
  • Creating promotional opportunities;
  • Launching new products;
  • Initiating and negotiating speaking engagement, writing opportunities, and interviews;
  • Organizing press events;
  • Creating press kits for trade shows and product launches;
  • Providing on-site event and trade show support;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Results reporting monitored on a daily basis with quarterly recaps.

New Product Development, Positioning and Launches – It is important to create a comprehensive marketing plan within the competitive landscape when launching a new product, a product upgrade or new service introduction. Roberta Lewis & Associates helps you create and execute a tactical plan to launch your product within your sales force, and into the marketplace.

Our product launch tactics include:

  • Strategic competitive product analysis;
  • Branding, naming, logo design and development;
  • Product packaging, literature, price sheets, programs and advertising campaigns;
  • Introduction launch communications:
    • Press Releases – media, customers, sales representatives, representative firms, industry trade organizations;
    • Print and on-line advertising and placement;
    • Public Relations – contacting media and editors for interviews and reviews;
    • On-line newsletter / HTML notification of new product release;
    • Search engine optimization;
    • Event and tradeshow, seminar, training and public speaking engagements for new product promotional opportunities.

Customer Relations Management – Ongoing factory communications direct with your field sales personnel, representative sales force and customers is essential in today's ever-changing business environment. A monthly communications newsletter or e-newsletter for your dealers and sales force will set you apart from your competitors. By keeping your force abreast of your latest magazine review, installation feature and product shipping update – you'll clearly build loyalty and a stronger personal relationship with each individual that sells your products.

Our customer relationship management tactics include:

  • Monthly factory newsletter (fax, email or mail) sent to all sales personnel, dealer management and field sales. A modified newsletter can be sent to the floor sales force to inform and motivate;
  • Periodic telephone interviews to sales force (dealers, field sales personnel and representative firms);
  • Email satisfaction and feedback surveys to sales force (dealers, field sales personnel and representative firms);
  • Satisfaction intervention – in the event of product failures, a communications system to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction;
  • Recognition for excellence, award development and deployment;
  • Creation, management and ongoing communication of a Rewards Program customized for your brand and goals.

Marketing & Advertising – There are many methods to gain awareness of your name and products including traditional advertising, online marketing tactics and grass-roots word-of-mouth promotion. Roberta Lewis & Associates can develop and manage an array of campaigns that promote your products and brand name at every budget level.

Our Marketing & Advertising tactics include:

  • Trade, national and consumer magazine advertisements (creation and placement);
  • Broadcast, radio and Internet sponsorships and advertisements;
  • Internet banner advertising, search engine optimization and feature tactics;
  • Trade show advertising and promotions;
  • Direct marketing;
  • Customer loyalty reward program (creation and management);
  • Trade buying group affiliations and event sponsorships.

Sales Management and Strategic Planning – As a brand sales manager are you continually faced with how to motivate your sales force – from the field level to the sales floor? Roberta Lewis & Associates will work with you to ensure that your sales team has the necessary tools and roadmap to achieve solid results.

Our Sales Management tactics include:

  • Defining specific objectives with management;
  • Interviewing select sales force individuals and communicating feedback;
  • Creating a specific sales plan – "the map" – with action steps and timelines;
  • Creating communication methods for keeping the sales force abreast of measurement success;
  • Tracking and measuring results and future modification actions.