Every small and medium-sized business owner could use some outside help to grow their business. It is easy to get bogged down with jobs, proposals, ordering, vendor meetings and administrative work. Little time remains for planning, strategic management, motivating staff, marketing and promoting your business.

It is extraordinarily beneficial to have a resource available as your external business partner. Today, even the smallest business can perform at the level of larger competitors as the result of outsourcing. Specialization deepens competence. Why add overhead to your fixed expenses when you can hire industry experienced management professionals with over 20 years experience?

My background as a successful consumer electronic retailer and custom integration business manager has given me a wealth of knowledge and proven practices that can help you grow and strengthen your business. Listed below are ways that Roberta Lewis & Associates can make you more profitable:

Sales Management and Strategic Planning — Either by ongoing consultation or on a project-basis, we can work with you to define and craft your annual business plan, manage inventory, set sales goals, format training, motivate staff, and forecast profits. We also provide an expenditure review to ensure you are receiving the best rates and discounts, and review your P/L to bring more to your bottom line.

Marketing / Advertising — From proposal folders and holiday catalogs to direct mail and web/print advertising - we can handle it all for you. We will define and prioritize your annual advertising budget and coordinate design and placement.

Web Site Design & Marketing —Your website is your "storefront" and should represent you as a significant force in the industry. Imagine your website as a physical store as customers enter the front door. Are all the products you sell showcased properly? How does your site compare to your competitors site? Is your site generating business referrals and calls? Let us help you to build and enhance your website and create a strong online marketing strategy.

Public Relations / Get Published! — Let us put together a press release DVD kit on your best projects and submit it to local, national and trade publications. We will design the best presentation and photo layout to bring your project to life. Once published, we will upload the press release and images to your website, and send an email notification to customers, industry friends and vendors.

Customer and Vendor Relations Management — The relationships that you build and maintain with your customers, vendors and sales representative firms are the core of your organization. Let us help you enhance these relationships with ongoing communication and tactics that generate loyalty and strong partnerships.