Buying & Alliance Group Affiliates

Every buying group, distribution group alliance and industry trade organization delivers their own unique benefits, monetary values and synergism to its members, suppliers and customers. These benefits are often promoted within the association, but not to outsiders. Tangible services should be promoted to build value and loyalty internally and externally.

Deliverables must be promoted and reinforced to suppliers and customers, or the value of the organization may be diminished. Roberta Lewis & Associates can work with the group administrator/director to promote key benefits such as training programs, inventory systems, collaboration and synergies amongst members, financing, new product introductions, and dealer news. It is important to keep your group's name and members' names in the news as a constant reminder of the organization's significance.

My experience as a 20-year consumer electronic retailer, brand manager, field sales representative manager, industry leader and former buying group member is well suited to understand and properly position your group association. Roberta Lewis & Associates can become your group's public relations firm, bringing awareness and visibility to your organization.

Media and Public Relations - Let us package, deliver and track your information to national, regional and trade publications, ensuring that your message is delivered timely to a targeted audience. Our media relation tactics include:

  • Building and maintaining a specific target media list;
  • Building and maintaining dealer, industry trade associations and supplier lists for communications purposes;
  • Pitching writers, editors and media personalities on press releases, articles, customer success stories, interviews, awards, recognition received and event calendar schedules;
  • Press release distribution, follow-up and results monitoring;
  • Press release and communications distribution to suppliers and group members;
  • Creating promotional opportunities;
  • Launching new services and benefits;
  • Initiating and negotiating speaking opportunities, writing engagements and interviews;
  • Organizing press events;
  • Creating press kits for trade shows, group meetings and events;
  • Providing on-site event and trade show support;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Results reporting monitored and reported on a daily basis with quarterly recaps.

Marketing & Advertising - There are various methods to get your name in front of customers and suppliers including traditional advertising, online marketing tactics and supplier and dealer promotions. Roberta Lewis & Associates can develop and manage an array of campaigns that promote your group association and brand name at every budget level. Our marketing and advertising tactics include:

  • Creating and placing national and trade advertisements;
  • Broadcast, radio and Internet sponsorships and advertising;
  • Internet banner advertising, search engine optimization and feature tactics;
  • Trade show advertising and promotions;
  • Direct marketing;
  • Creating and managing a customer loyalty rewards program.